Thai Massage benefits to MT Career


As a massage therapist, you are in constant search of new modalities. Thai massage is a dynamic and beneficial modality that is available for you to quickly apply to your practice.

You will be surprised to see how much learning this manual medicine from Thailand will impact your clients, your career, and your life. Here are 3 powerful results that Thai massage training has on massage therapists.

1) Add more massage skills
With Thai massage, you will have more tools than just thumbs, forearms, and elbows. Thai Massage thought you how to use knees, feet, and heels to pull, press, and stretch the body. This is done to loosen the joints and relax the body.

2) Better client outcome.
Most of the clients are suffering from a variety of health issues and ailments that are related to their lifestyles. Through the practice of Thai massage, you will be actively working to counteract those issues helping to improve their general health and wellness.

3) Gain more income
Additional income is a great perk of adding Thai massage to your skillset. Many specialty services, including Thai massage, garner a higher rate of pay through additional training and education.

“This course taught me many new techniques that will absolutely help me in my massage practice. I’m so thankful for Chris because he was patient and encouraging” (Morgan, 2019 Alumni)