• Testimonials

    I really enjoyed Krit’s enthusiasm and his ability to coach and lead gently. His expertise is well received!

    Lori – 2020 Alumni

    This course taught me many new techniques that will absolutely help me in my massage practice. I’m so thankful for Chris because he was patient and encouraging! I became a lot more comfortable with pressure points on lower back of legs and arms. Thank you so much.

    Morgan – 2019 Alumni

    I appreciate the patience and clarity of Chris and his friendly manner. The facility is very well organized and decorated also very clean. I have learned a lot and will use my knowledge to help and heal others. Thank you.

    Don – 2019 Alumni

    I loved how hands on this training was. Seeing the techniques demonstrated and then getting to practice with Chris giving corrections was essential to learning. This was an amazing experience.

    Samantha – 2019 Alumni

    I totally enjoyed this class and can’t wait to incorporate Thai massage in my practice. I hope to come back to learn more things.

    Vanessa – 2019 Alumni

    Excellent course!! So happy to learn a new skill and celebrate Thai culture – Thank you!

    Kate – 2019 Alumni

    Krit was kind and knowledgeable. I would recommend this course. Thanks Krit!!

    Jakob – 2019 Alumni

    Thank you for teaching us this amazing class/it was perfect timing to add some great moves in for new clients. I recommend it to everyone interested in stretching and range of motion with deep compression. Perfect for sports massage and clients who need deep work.

    Karen – 2019 Alumni

    Krit is a great instructor – the course was well thought out and taught well. The facility is beautiful!!

    Jillian – 2019 Alumni

    A wonderful instructor and class. Learned a lot of techniques which will be used in my practice! Thank you Chris!

    Xiaodan – 2019 Alumni

    Krit was extremely knowledgably for Thai massage. I learned a lot and will incorporate some skills I have learned today into my future practice. Thank you Krit. We all appreciate it.

    Donna – 2019 Alumni

    I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course and Krit is a wonderful teacher.

    Teresa – 2018 Alumni

    I’ve never had a Thai massage before and now that I have I am definitely going back! Thai massage involves a broad table/bed that is low on the floor that allows the masseuse to get on the table with you and stretch your limbs, rotate your joints and apply pressure to your pressure points. You are given a uniform to wear that is a thin, loose comfortable top and drawstring pants so don’t expect a robe or oils to be used. Chris worked magic using his hands and feet (yes, feet!) on my hamstrings and quads. It was incredibly relaxing and effective. I work out six days a week and truly needed to be stretched and massaged to reduce my soreness. This was one of the best experiences I have had. The space is very clean, quiet and well suited to deliver a great service. I’ll definitely return!

    2nd time around just as good as the first! Left feeling brand new after a tough run earlier in the day. All the soreness in my hips and hamstrings are gone. Making this a monthly appointment! Chris is the best!

    Myechia J. West Roxbury, MA

    Best Thai massage I have had in the states. Chris is awesome and the care/attention he puts into his work is incredible.

    Gt T. Marlborough, MA

    This is the best Thai massage in town, (strong) hands down! I was referred by another Thai massage therapist, specifically to Chris, and I am now hooked on my twice weekly, 60 minute massages. and the atmosphere is lovely! (really strong) thumbs up!

    Eve S. Cambridge, MA

    Professional and highly skilled. Chris was fantastic at Thai massage. One of the best I’ve received. My only regret is that I did not have time to do the 90 minute session.


    The atmosphere is calming as soon as you walk through the doors. I immediately feel that I have walked away from the stressors in the world. Your front desk staff are always so welcoming and kind. But most importantly….The Thai massage is absolutely the best! Chris is by far the best and most skill practitioner that I have ever worked with and that includes the Thai massage that I I have had in Thailand! He transforms my aches and muscle stiffness such that an hour and a half later, I feel like I can face the world again.

    Sharon Boston, MA

    It’s a very unique and effective style of massage. Chris is an excellent practitioner.


    Chris was excellent and he knew his stuff really well. I felt great relief in my back afterwards.


    Best massage I have ever had! Chris was absolutely amazing. If you like deep acupressure and stretching – you have to try it.

    Katherine P – Customer since 2014

    One of the best massages I have ever had – professional, skilled, attentive and very therapeutic. Highly recommend Chris at Viyada. I have already booked my next one.

    Rebecca H – Customer since 2014

    This was my first Thai massage and I had a wonderful experience. The staff was friendly and polite, the spa is clean, quiet and calming and the massage itself was great! Chris did an excellent job. I would return again and would recommend Viyada to my friends.

    Jessica W – Customer since 2014

    Viyada Thai Spa is excellent. I get a Thai massage weekly in Los Angeles and Viyada Spa compares as one of the best. Chris was fantastic and hit the spot (literally!!). I will return on my next trip to Boston.

    Jeff K – Customer since 2013

    Chris does an amazing job finding the knots that hurt and really working on them. I always walk feeling amazing!

    Apoorva – Boston, MA