Starting a career in Massage Therapist with Thai Massage


As massage therapy has become increasingly important in the health and wellness professions, the number of clients has risen in the past few years.

MT career offers flexibility in terms of work hours, independence, and choice of practice locations and types. Massage therapists practice in a variety of settings and a variety of contractual arrangements. One example in which massage therapists practice is “Thai Massage”

Thai massage can help you market yourself and your practice in new ways. The demand for Thai massage is increasing year after year, as more employers are seeking qualified Thai massage therapists to add to their staff and more clients are looking for therapists who practice this techniques.

Viyada Thai Massage School offers Thai massage training courses to students from all over the world who are interested to learn the basic and advanced techniques of Thai massage. You will learn Thai massage directly from native Thai instructors.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Viyada

  • The school approved by NCBTMB as continuing education. You will receive 14 CE credit hours
  • Small classes with a maximum of 6 students to ensure an optimal learning environment.
  • Opportunity to apply for internship positions at Viyada Thai Spa
  • Real hands-on practice, with group discussions for better and increased comprehension
  • Provide connection with professional schools and teachers in Thailand

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