What’s so good about Thai Fisherman Pants


Thai Fisherman Pants are lightweight unisex trousers that are made wide in the waist so that one size fits all. The pants are wrapped around the waits and ribbons are tied to form a belt, making it super comfortable to wear.

Traditionally worn by Thai fishermen due to their fast drying ability and allowing for free movement, fisherman pants are now popular for massage/yoga practitioner, and are often worn as casual pants owing to their extreme comfort. This uni-sex pant fit both for men and women.

Here are 3 reasons why you shall love it!

1) Comfort: These pants are known for their flexibility. They are casually worn and adjusted by individuals who value their freedom in their attires. This simplicity promotes both comfort and enjoyment in different situations.

2) Lightweight: These pants are light and as such, they fit in different scenarios. In circumstances like exercising, yoga, massage, and even walking.

3) Affordability: Thai Fishermen Pants are produced inexpensively as they do not have complicated and tightly fitting designs. At Viyada Thai Massage store, we are offering an authentic Thai fisherman pant just $9.99!

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