How to choose a good massage mat


A Thai Massage session is usually done on the floor or the mat. Thus, a massage mat is very important in comforting a client or a massage therapist, herself.

A Thai Massage mat should not be very soft because if you kneel on it, you will sink into or through the mat. If there is a hard floor underneath – like a tile or wood floor – then you will hurt your knee. And if you stand on the mat, it will feel wobbly and it will be difficult to keep your balance. So, the mat should be fairly firm, but not so hard that it is not comfortable for the client anymore.

A good thickness is about 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) maximum. This is especially important if the mat is not wide enough for the therapist to stay on it the entire time.

At Viyada Thai Massage School, we offer an authentic Thai Massage imported from Thailand!


Full mat measures 40” x 79” x 1” with a knee pad dimensions of 20” x 20 ”x 1” High quality. The surface is a PVC leather. The inside is a compressed sponge. It can stay in good condition for a long time after being used. Come with a knee pad, allow massage therapists to protect their knees


Beautiful design of two sided colours, one side is chocolate brown another in navy blue. Folds easily. It can be rolled for convenient storage and carrying. The mat come with a leather bag, making it easy to carry.


Compact and light—weighs only 20.6 pounds (about 7.8 kg), with a knee pad 22.8 pounds (8.7kg) The package’s dimension is 12”, with a height of 40”

“only $375”

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