Doing Thai Massage at home

Don’t feel like going out? Try Thai Massage For Yourself! Here are three basic Thai Massage techniques you can use for self-massage.

1. Foot Stretch

Sit cross-legged with your right foot slightly in front of your left (sit on a folded up blanket to support your spine if needed). Place your right thumb to the centre of the sole of your right foot.
Rather than using muscle effort as we would push into the foot, simply lean forward, allowing the weight of your body and gravity to create the pressure sensation.

2. Head Massage

In a comfortable seated position, place both hands in front of your face. With three fingers of each hand (index, middle, ring fingers) pressing just above your eyebrows, slide your fingers up your forehead, to the crown of your head, then run them down the back of your head and release.

3. Forehead and Neck Massage

Place your hands on your eyebrows with your elbows pointing down. Slide your hands to the middle of your forehead, then pivot your hands so elbows point outwards; pull hands along your forehead to the sides of your temples. Then slide hands all the way down your neck.

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