The uniqueness of Thai Massage

The question of “What is Thai Massage?” is not uncommon, because it is unlike any other type of treatment in the world. Drawing from Asian countries and especially India, Thailand has a rich history of healing which is unique in its own right.

The Thai body massage involves a giver pushing, pulling and stretching the receiver’s body in many postures. A skilled therapist will press to balance a receiver’s energy lines. Let’s take a closer look at why Thai Massage is so unique, for both the client and the therapist.

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First, Thai Massage is done fully dressed

The recipient will need to be fully dressed on comfortable, loose clothing as no oil or any massage products are used during the session. This is an advantage for some clients as not everyone is comfortable with getting undressed for a massage. Being able to keep their clothes on makes such clients feel safer and more inclined to receive massage.

Second, Thai Massage does not require a massage table

By its nature, Thai Massage requires a lot of movement and changing of positions. A floor mat feels more supportive and is much easier to roll around on than a narrow massage table. Moreover, there are several techniques that cannot be done on a massage table or at least are more awkward and difficult to do.

Third, Thai Massage works with energy, not just the body

Thai Massage therapy is not just bodywork. It is a body-mind system that reaches deeper than muscles, tissue and bones. It works with the life energy of the clients by realigning, channelling and strengthening their core energy line “Sen”. Learning Thai Massage properly will train the therapist to be able to feel or sense energy, connect with clients on a more profound level, move energy in their client’s body and energy field, and develop their own awareness to higher levels.