Massage, Energy and Bodywork

In most Traditional Medicine systems of Asia, and Thailand massage is officially considered energy work and not bodywork. That seems rather paradoxical, because of the evident physical manipulations in massage therapy.

With that particular outlook in mind, we can perhaps better grasp that the end goal of massage therapy is indeed energy work, that is, creating an optimal situation in the body to produce and distribute energy. However, it doesn’t stop there: the energy that is absorbed is transformed by our body into several types of energies, such as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy, and such.

The role of the energy worker then is seen as “to tune into” these more subtle energies and to diminish or release any energy which is causing physical pains or discomforts. The opposite is true also: to promote the production and flow of those types of energies that lack. In fact, this is what is called “balancing the flow of energy.” Thus, air (oxygen) and food (nutrients) are transported through our blood circulatory system to be combusted and transformed into energy for our bodies. This energy then is Life Energy, movement, action and functioning.